My life from Zero to over 18,000 hours


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This book describes where I’ve worked during a period of over 60 years in the aviation industry, what test flights in airliners were like in the late 50’s, how I (fortunately) missed out on being a Fleet Air Arm pilot, what bush camps were like in the 1960’s, and how I learned to fly and get an Instructor Rating and Instrument Rating for less than $1,000.

It goes into what it’s like flying an ancient (even in 1969) Bell 47-D1, and flying a Hughes 500 from Honiara to Melbourne with my wife on board, and ferrying a Bell 47 from Perth to Darwin, and taking a Bell 47 from Melbourne to Mt Isa to start a contract, and many more.

It describes some of what it was like during my two trips to the Antarctic, and how cold it was when we were unloading three helicopters at 11,200 feet, and how cold and isolated it was when we were stranded in two Hughes 500’s for two days during an Antarctic blizzard, with three people in each chopper.

It also describes having real engine failures and real tail rotor failures (something I sincerely hope you never experience), and it delves into how I selected a helicopter for the Victoria Police, how I set up the helicopter arm of the Victoria Police Air Wing and how I started Professional Helicopter Services.

It also mentions some of the good people I’ve met in this journey, along with some of the not-so-good ones.

It also describes being caught in severe wake turbulence in a Cessna 206 that I purchased for our tourist operation in Kununurra, Western Australia.

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